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Ready to manifest what you really want by giving up and allowing?

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The new book from the author of the #1 bestseller The Very Cool Life Code, Drew Rozell, Ph.D. offers his ground-breaking (and sometimes radical) ideas on manifesting your desires by dropping your resistance, giving up, and allowing.

Contrary to what you've heard...

You cannot suffer your way to ease.
You cannot stress your way to happiness.
You cannot worry yourself to your desires.
You cannot work your way to relaxation.
You cannot earn your way to freedom.
You cannot sacrifice yourself to abundance.

Are you ready to manifest what you REALLY want without struggling or striving?

Then it's time to Let It Go!

Full of practical, real-world examples, this book is your guide to how letting go can serve as the simplest, easiest, most efficient way for you to get out of your own way and begin allowing your deepest desires to finally show up in your life.